6 Week Small Groups

Bible Reading Group

We believe that getting into the Word is a pillar of faith, it is something we need to do on a daily basis to learn the truths about God, Jesus, and who we are. On Tuesdays at 7 pm Diana and Tim are hosting a Bible Reading Group, starting in the book of Mark. In this group we will closely examine what the Word is saying and learn how to apply it to our lives.

Ladies Small Group

Tuesdays at 7 pm the ladies of New Life will be diving in a new book called “Less Than Perfect”. This book is about the women of the Bible who were obviously not perfect who walked through some major sin. We will be going over what we can learn from their situations. Come join!

On-Going Small Groups

Iron Sharpens Iron

This is also known as the Men’s Breakfast. Every first Saturday of the month at 8 am the men of New Life Fellowship get together to eat some food, have some discussion and some male bonding.

God’s Women Get Together

God’s Women meets the first Sunday every month after service. This is a time for the ladies to do a fun craft, game, or activity and get to know one another on a deeper level! You can’t beat some Girl Time!